Your Session

What to expect at your first appointment

New mum


Pelvic floor issues can feel intimate and embarrassing. At Oasis you will be in safe, confidential and caring hands. During the first appointment we will do a lot of talking. It’s essential to gather a full picture of your condition and history. We will discuss your specific goals and chat about how you will be able to achieve them. 

If it is indicated we will conduct an internal exam of the pelvic floor. We do not use a speculum. If you are not comfortable with this there are other options we can use instead. A full explanation about the assessment will be given and your consent will be gained before the assessment. Your consent can also be withdrawn at any time during the exam if you change your mind or feel uncomfortable.

We will then go through specific exercises and educate you about how best to manage your condition.

We aim for you to leave your session feeling as though you understand what is going on with your body and knowing exactly what you need to do to get back to normal.

Specialist women's physiotherapy session

Our bespoke appointments will include treatments that will help treat both the symptoms and the root cause of your issue.

Education about your condition

Education for self management strategies

Exercises to fit your lifestyle

Exercise specific advice

Joint mobilisation

Soft tissue release

Acupuncture referral

Taping / strapping

Advice on bracing or products